How to use through bolts correctly

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Published: 08th January 2010
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It is very easy to install fixings on masonry plaster walls. You just need to have the right materials and tools and to be very careful about it.

There is always a right way and a wrong way to put through bolts in your walls. If you put the correct ones in the correct way, then you are sure that whatever you are sticking up on your wall, be it a painting, a mounting, a shelf, or your flat-screen telly, will be safe and secure upon your wall. But if you commit errors in your through bolts, not only you would be risking damage to the mounting on your wall but you may also end up damaging your wall itself.

With this in mind, how then should you put through bolts in when your walls are made of masonry plaster? Here is how.

1. Select the right throughbolts and tools. One of the most important keys to a successful installation on your wall is to choose the right through bolts as well as the right tools. You would need some screws as well as wall plugs. If whatever you are mounting on the wall is heavy, you would also need some wall bolts. They need to be the right length so that your mounting would hold. As for tools, your trusty power drill would be perfect.

2. The length really matters. As mentioned above, your fixings need to be the right length in order for your mounting to hold. That is because the plaster on your masonry walls cannot be strong enough to be able to carry the wall plugs. Thus, your screws should be able to go past the plaster and into the brickwork or the block work of your wall. Long screws placed straight and true will be able to keep your mounting secure.

3. Avoid the mortar joints. To ensure the strength of your mounting, you need to drill the holes right into the bricks or blocks of your walls. Never locate your screws into the mortar joints, especially if the mortar is made of lime. Otherwise, you will be weakening your wall and your mounting may end up falling on you.

4. Use a batten when necessary. One challenge that you may face with masonry walls is that they can be too hard and too flinty for you to drill a straight hole. This is especially true if your wall is made of old clay bricks or blocks created from true concrete. In this case, you will need to make use of a batten.

Instead of mounting whatever object you would be putting up directly on your wall, you instead mount the batten first with your long screws. And then, you can put up the object you will be mounting on the wall onto the batten using shorter screws.

5. Always be careful. You should always be careful when drilling the holes for your fixings, especially if the wall you are drilling holes into for fixings are made of high insulation blocks. An over-large hole will challenge the stability of your wall, and it is a challenge that your wall may end up losing.

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